Instream Working Group


The WKRP Instream Working Group provides a forum for local, tribal, state and federal entities participating in fisheries management and fish habitat restoration to discuss completed and upcoming projects, prioritize restoration actions, collaborate on projects, and expedite shared learning. In 2012, this group, which includes participants from the Karuk Tribe Fisheries Department, Mid Klamath Watershed Council, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, NOAA Fisheries, US Forest Service Klamath and Six Rivers National Forests, EPA, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and more recently the Salmon River Restoration Council and Siskiyou RCD, created an elaborate spreadsheet that identified and ranked habitat values and restoration needs for over 70 anadromous tributaries in the WKRP area, including areas further upstream to Iron Gate Dam. This effort was further refined by SRRC and partners on the Salmon River to include all anadromous tributaries to the Salmon River. Recently this group came together after a three year hiatus to revisit and update this spreadsheet, called the Candidate Actions Table, and continue coordinating fish habitat restoration actions in the WKRP area and beyond. Instream and upslope projects through WKRP have been mutually beneficial by leveraging diverse funding to attain LiDAR imagery (detailed topographic maps) to base restoration actions on.