In 2014, the Six Rivers National Forest was selected to begin implementation of the WKRP through the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (Cohesive Strategy), to address fire management challenges on a larger scale by working collaboratively with all stakeholders across all landscapes, using best science to achieve three goals:

o   Resilient landscapes

o   Fire-adapted communities

o   Safe and effective wildfire response

As a Cohesive Strategy demonstration project, we are providing a rare example of how to build local capacity for implementing prescribed fire at larger scales. The vision of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is to safely and effectively extinguish fire when needed; use fire where allowable; manage our natural resources; and as a nation, learn to live with wildland fire. As Tom Harbour, retired national director of fire and aviation for the USFS, says: “The outcome of the cohesive strategy effort is more than a set of documents. It is a commitment to the doctrine that, as stakeholders, we all share responsibilities for managing our lands; protecting our nation’s natural, tribal, and cultural resources and making our communities safe and resilient for future generations. “