Cultural and Community Vitality



A vital community is a community that can sustain itself into the future and provide opportunities for its residents to make their dreams a reality. This may be a lofty goal for a group focused on land and fire management, but we live in communities intimately connected to their surrounding ecosystems. People are a part of the landscape and the vitality of the ecosystemecoysystem directly relates to the vitalityvitatlity of the people. With the Karuk Tribe as a leading member, the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership supports efforts to enhance the riparian and upslope resources of tribal cultural value to the Karuk People. This includes maintaining or enhancing access to cultural foods, materials, and medicines. Through continued access to cultural resources, tribal community security, health and well-being is encouraged. For more information on the Karuk tribal guidance behind the WKRP, please visit the Traditional Ecological Knowledge page.